Its our first time to participate . After registration what  to prepare next?

After Registering here’s the process. Schedule preparation and instructions for attending → Information refer to the checklist and Preparation →booth exhibits, what company must keep during the (exhibits) exhibition catalogs, racks, banners, business cards . You can prepare for some budget for payments for  the furniture or any needed supplies directly for rental for the company use.

How to apply as exhibition participant?

You can apply online, mail, fax or by mail. Please see page detailed procedure < Entry Application >.

When will be the payments and tax related invoice be issued?

Regarding the tax invoice of the participation payments, please ask Global Link about it. (Tel. Global Link (632) 893-7973 local 528)

What’s the difference between Independent booth and Assembled booth?

Independent booth is just the place, no booth. The participating company will design their own booth. Assembled booth has wall.

  • Is a prefabricated booth construction package that are designed to make exhibitors more convenience and can continue their work without hassle. Like the ordinary booth, its has wall, pytex floor, spot company name, Information Desk and Chair(each Company  will be given 1 set,(1table& 2chairs).
How do we know the map layout?

Exhibition, scale, booth, application order of entries etc. considering the form by assigning them randomly. Also taking part  is the no further explaination of the pre-registered participation company, for this please refer to the manual. After completion of company manual’s application, e-mail will be send to each participating company and updates of the booth structure will be posted on the homepage.

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