Rules in Participation

Article 1(Glossary & Terminology)
  1. “Participating Company” means companies who submitted products for display in the exhibition
    /Company who participate in the exhibition , institutions, agencies and associations.
  2. “Promoter”Refers to the host “Global Insight”.
  3. “Exhibition”Refers to‘Korea Philippine Trade Fair”
  4. “Exhibition Hall”Refers to‘SMX Convention Center, Manila’.
  5. Booth Fee”Means the rent of the booth that is use in the exhibition event.
  6. Exhibition equipments/stuffs fee”Refers to the stuffs rented to be use during the exhibition time.
    It’s not included with the booth fee.
Article 2(Assigned Exhibition Booth)
  1. The selection of the display booths of the exhibition hall is considered to be the basis of the size of the booths,
    but can be arranged randomly for the overall configuration of the exhibition hall and the smooth progress of the exhibition.
    It’s a first come first served basis.
  2. The Organizer of the exhibition in special cases, dispute for assignment, such as reducing the size of companies assigned
    at any time, the build-up to the transfer of an exhibition booth, want to change the position of the participating companies
    Assigned booth are covered by the inalienable to any third parties with out their consent.
Article 3(Participation Fee)
  1. Participation Fee(Including VAT)
DivisionUnit price
Assembly booth
(Exhibition Area + Assemble booth)

Article 4
(Deadline of Payment for Participating Company)


  1. Participating Fee

– Deadline: Until Feb,28 2017

  1. Unit equipment ( and other items)

-Deadline:  March 31,2017

Article5 (Cancellation of the participation)
  1. The Organizer can randomly cancel the Korea Philippines Trade Fair event booth reserved by the participating company in the following cases . In this case, the company shall be terminated the  in case of cancellation.
    (♦)The participating company must pay a penalty fee according to the circumstances .
    – Incase the participation company failed to pay for the booth payment on the set schedule of payments including also not payment of the other fee(cost of equipment fee) .
    – Incase the participating company just carry products into the exhibition booth without any consent or didn’t inform the organizer about the products that they are going to display in the exhibition.
    If the participation of the participating companies is cancelled due to the internal circumstances of the participating companies, the following penalties shall be waived
    (♦) The participating company must pay a penalty fee according to the circumstances.

♦ Penalty for Cancellation

Period ClassificationCancellation Contents
Till Feb.28,201750%of the participation fee
After Feb.28,2017100%of the participation fee

However, when the event occurs due to natural disasters or calamity and event cant be conduct, the money will fully be return back.

Article 6( Installation and Removal)
  1.  If the participating companies failed to within the time be notified of the organizers the exhibit hall to import and install exhibits.
  2.  Does not of the participating companies a fixed time to its booths occupied by the organizers deemed to have terminated a contract.
  3.  If the participating company imports products  for exhibit and during the exhibition it must approved by  the organizers.
  4.  If the participating companies  failed to removed products or ornaments in the booth exhibits even after the organizer informed them within the specified time to pull them, the  participating company will pay for demolition cost.
Article 7 (after-hours use of the exhibition)

The hours for installation and display of the products will be  April 5, 2017 from 13:00 to 20:00, 2017, the of removal of the
products is April 8, from 17:00- 20:00. For the overtime for of the SMX employees, it is regulation of SMX convention center to pay the additional costs to SMX and Convention Center.  Under regulation, the additional payment must be paid from the participating companies.

Article 8 (insurance, security and safety)
  1. All the equipments and supplies displayed by the participating companies on the period of the exhibition are all subject to be registered for insurance. are on all the equipment, supplies and exhibits used during installation and removal, must buy insurance as required.
  2.  The Organizer will make sure to protect of the participating company’s rights and interests and will be responsible and make sure that all the appropriate  necessary documents for all items must be submitted .
    All the floor construction materials and construction equipment of the exhibition hall are made of appropriate non-combustible and with accordance with rules of fire & safety regulations . The organizer also has the right to restrict any violation activities.
Article 9 (device code)
  1. It can be used by the mutual approval of motor internal tool by the organizer.
  2. All materials used in the assembly stand  are flame-retardant treatment.
  3. Walls, floors, ceilings and other structures in the exhibition hall can’t create attachment to the showroom.
  4. Carry-outs shall be dismantled completely  on April 8, 8:00 in the evening.
  5. Carpet, banners curtains etc. must be taken off first. Then the printings, plywood or timber will be deal later.
  6. Regarding the electrical & other devices, SMX has selected registered suppliers so participating company must follow their principle construction.
  7. Companies who registered for the independent booths must decide for design drawings up to two weeks before the event and the confirmation of the be submitted SMX  the office of the hall manager.
Article 10( The risk management)
  1. Lpg , gas appliances are automatically available after the installation of blocking the prior written permission of the organizers.
  2. Electric heater is after-hours non-combustible materials available wall around after the prior approval of the organizers.
  3. Other dangerous goods is available after prior approval from the organizers.
Article 11(Height of the permissible load and devices)
  1. Exhibition and freight entrances to penetrate into the exhibits are limited to less than 1.5 tons, a sqm.
  2. The data of the exhibits totaling weight more than 5 tons must be filled out correctly & must be  submitted to the organizers 60 days before the exhibit displays time in order to confirm it to SMX to determine the entry exhibition hall exhibits. After consultation shall, the participating companies will be notify.
  3. Incase the structural calculation is necessary, the participating companies are certainly must be approved after completing the structural calculation.
  4. For the participation companies that carry more than 5 tons, please be aware that the entry for the forklift truck and cargo trucks in the showroom is not allowed.
  5. Display must not exceed the booth limit height of 3 meters, greater that than is not allowed to be display.
Article 12(Restoration)

If the exhibition equipment were damage during the exhibition event by the participating company due to carelessness, the participating company must be responsible to restore it to the original structure. If it can’t be recovered the then it must be the subject to reimbursement.

Article 13(Re-rental and sales)
  1. The assigned booth must not be sold to other company or 3rd party without the consent from the organizer.
  2. Must get prior approval from the organizers and conduct marketing in the showroom about the carried out products to the exhibition booth.
  3. In a place adjacent to the participating companies is another booth, you must see to it that it must not interfere to the sales activity of the other booths.
Article 14(Sounds& Smells restrictions)
  1. If the exhibit products produces sounds like speakers, sound systems, audio equipments, the sound must be limit to just normal in order not to enterfere with other participating companies.
  2. The stench and unpleasant odor in the exhibits, or used equipment and materials, should receive prior approval from the organizer.
  3. If there’s complaint from public about the stench and noise source that took place on the exhibition, the organizer may prohibit the use of equipment and materials and exhibits.
Article 15 of the (Freedom of Information)

The participating companies must agree with the contents of the application for entry form , an overview of the  exhibition, exhibition business products, technology products, technology,  a pamphlet of the organizer, homepage, etc.

Article 16 (compensation)

Incase a participating or any of the representatives of the company will meet an accident during the period of the exhibition inside the exhibition hall or on people , the, participating company will take responsibility of it.

Article 17 (Dispute resolution)

This Interpretation of the Statute of the organizers and participants on disputes arising between the participating companies and other rights and obligations of both parties over the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board of the arbitral award. And to be able to bring a lawsuit against the court for the ruling.

Article 18 (other)

The organizer will introduce travel agency for air tickets and the accommodation, please follow the terms and condition of the travel agency.

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