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19. Join Enterprise Co., Ltd (Casting tape)

2017-04-03 02:18

Company Name Join Enterprise Co., Ltd
Homepage (URL) www.joinenterprise.com
Main Products Casting tape, Orthopaedic or Fracture Applicances  (Splint)
Person in charge Roy, Park(Jbch0614@gmail.com)

2. Products Strengths
We have made so many efforts for the plaster cast that is big and heavy to be replaced by the splints made
of glass fiber that is small, light, strong and ventilated, or polyester material, and we become able to present
the excellent quality and competitive prices. As a result, all the products of our company received the
registration of the international standard organization of ISO 13485, CE, and the FDA.

3. Expected Buyers
- Medical devices distributors
- Orthopedic devices distributors
- Hospital
- Doctor
- Etc

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