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  • Greetings to the exhibitors, investors and participants of the Korean Trade Fair. We congratulates you on thesuccess of Korea Philippines Trade Fair for bringing modern and innovative technologies to further improve the lives of Filipino people. May this gathering bring both our nations closer as we uphold a long-standing partnershipwith Korean people.

    CARLOS JERICHO L. PETILLADepartment of Energy / Secretary
  • A lot of Korean products entering the Philippines are well accepted and patronised, a tell tale sign that this is the best time to take opportunity of investing in a market which is ready, that of the Philippines.

    Sherill Quintana
    Sherill QuintanaPresidentOryspa Spa Solutions Inc.
  • I am from Global Link, the local organizer of Korea Trade Fair 2016. I have been with a lot of experiencedorganizing trade fair as follows.1.Inviting various Korean companies to the Philippines. 2.Advertising in local TV,radio, SNS, and various  local advertising such including messages. 3. Provide business matching to theparticipating companies. 4.More government organization are going to participate and support in the upcoming fair.

    Jing  S. Lagandaon
    Jing S. LagandaonGlobal-Link MP / COO
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