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| Preparation Schedule

Oct.31,2016 (Mon.) first registered, first served basis Deadline for 10% booth discount
Dec.31,2016(Sat.) first registered, first served basisDeadline for 10% booth discount
Feb.28,2017 (Tue.)first registered, first served basisDeadline of submission of application & payment
Till March 18,2017(Sat.)Deadline for the submission of the design for Assemble booth
Till March 20,2017(Mon.)Deadline for submission of application form
Till March 23,2017(Thu.)Submission of various forms
Till March 25,2017(Sat.)Deadline for the  for directory advertising
April 5,2017(Wed.)Booth place , Placing the products in the hall
April 6,2017(Thu.)10:00Opening Ceremony
April 6(Thu.)~April8(Sat.)2017Exhibition Events
April 8,2017 (Sat.)17:00Carrying out items from the exhibition hall