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| Participant’s Registration Fee

Independent  booth and  Assembly booth  costs

DivisionUnit Price
Assembly booth
(Exhibition Area + Assemble booth)
40,000 pesos/ booth(Excluding VAT)

Participant’s entry fee payment information

  • Account Name: Global link Exhibition Specialists Inc.
  • Account Number: 286-7-286-51628-5
  • Name of Bank: Metro Bank & Trust Company
  • Address of the bank: Pasong Tamo, Metropolitan Avenue Branch, Metropolitan Avenue Makati City

Supporting Documents on how to apply

  • Apply application form (2017 Korea-Philippine Trade Fair  application, Xerox copy of business registration)
  • Complete application (Registration fee is payable till Feb,28 2017, if the participant’s failed to deposit
    at the date schedule date, the entry will be cancel)
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