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| Types of Booth

Independent booth
  • Is a booth organized by the presenter from the exhibition(area only). The presenter is the one who install, decorate and chose what device they will use to their booth.
  • Normally independent booth are used mainly by the more than 4 of the exhibitors. If you have a display items with more that height 2.5m or more  you have to apply in advance.
  • The facility structure of the height of the  display in the showroom must not exceed 4 meters.
  • Independent type is exhibited with the work of installations, design drawings will be submitted to the company for construction approval.
Assembly booth
  • Is a prefabricated booth construction package that are designed to make exhibitors more convenience and can continue their work without hassle.
Basic Contents of Assembly/ assembled booth

  • Side and rear wall 1m x 2.5m white aluminum panels mounting frames
  • Company name : Installed at the top of the stack and reciprocally incorporated with a unified font.
  • Lightning : 1booth will be furnish with 3 fluorescent lights
  • Booth floor : Covered with carpet
  • Information Desk and Chair :Each Company will be given 1 set (1table& 2chairs)
  • Electric outlet : 350 W outlet will be installed