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16. Hasung Electonics Co.,Ltd (Hair Clipper, Iron, Dryer)

2017-03-29 01:27

Company NameHasung Electonics Co.,Ltd
Homepage (URL)www.hasungi.com
Main ProductsHair Clipper, Iron, Dryer
Person in chargeByeong Hoon. Park (hasungsystem@hanmail.net)
1. Main Products Introduction

2. Products Strengths
1) Hair Clipper
- Improved surface hardness and cutting ability with the ion-implanted blade
- Using the world's first ion-implanted patent blade by KAER
- Easy tack swith to control blade adjustment(1,1.5,2,2.5,3mm)

2) Hair Iron
- One touch temperature control
- Stylish human technological design
- 100% digital temperature setting and LED display
- Heating plate(maximum:92mm)/360º swivel cord.
- Ion generator for protecting damaged hair.
- Cushioned heating plate for protecting hair static.

3) Hair Dryer
- Ion ceramic far-infrared rays with tourmaline
- Adjustable heat & speed settings including cool shot button
- Natural negative ions are produced through tourmaline & ceramic
- Infrared rays produce unique benefits for the hair
- High potency air quickly dries & hydrates the hair

3. Expected Buyers
A man who want to buy and interested in Hair Dryers/Hair Straightener/
Beauty Salon Clipper/Beauty Salon Scissors/Pet Dog Clippers/
Pet Dog Dryer and Pet Dog Beauty Treating Scissors